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Yeakn Protecting Products Co.,Ltd focuses on manufacturing Non-Woven  Single  Use  Disposable products which are mainly  used  in  Healthcare,  Industrial  &  Household. we  have experience for many years in  manufacturing  various  kinds  of  non-woven  single  use  disposable  products,  such  as Face  Mask, Dust Mask,Bouffant  Cap,  Surgical  Cap,  Shoe  Cover,  Isolation  Gown,  Coverall  and  so  on.  Our  company  is  export-orientated  and  most  of  our  finished  products  are  well  marketed in international markets. we  are  also  do OEM  for  some  of  our reputable  clients.

Our  plant  covers  the area of 10,000 sqm with more than 150 staff members at  present. With many years of experience in manufacturing of disposable medical products and utillze innovative technology & latest manufacturing techniques coupled with implementation of quality management systems,our  main objective  is  to  provide consistent  premium  quality  products at  the  most  competitive  prices  and  reliable service  to  best  suit  customers needs.

So far, our mask production capacity has gradually increased to more than 200 million pieces annually, and most of these products are exported  to  overseas  markets. The policy of our company is:To continually add new products based on customer’s demand or customised to customer’s requirements. Currently,  we  are  exporting  our  medical  disposable  to  some  Southeast  Asian  countries,  Europe  and  U.S.A and are  continuously  seeking  to  expand  our  market  niche to  the  rest  of  the  world.

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